Media Ethics LAB

Open research, integrated learning, and Civic Engagement

It's time to explore new ethical perspectives and sustainable frameworks
to underpin the building blocks of our human-technology ecosystem.

Established in 2019 at St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto, the Media Ethics Lab is a research hub that studies the ways that digital media practices and emerging technologies are marked by ethical issues and decisive political, societal and cultural questions.
Serving as a focal point for information related to academic programs, research, and public policy initiatives in the field, the Media Ethics Lab fosters open research, integrated learning, and civic engagement to explore the potential that information and communication technologies hold for enacting positive social change.

Our Research Areas

Our current research efforts are centered around Digital Equity, Digital City, and Digital Literacy.
We bring an interdisciplinary and multi-faceted approach to these topics, through our 3 pillars of action:
Open Research, Integrated Learning, and Civic Engagement.

Digital Equity

or what it means to foster inclusive and equitable communities for all.

Digital City

or how merging technology with urban environments requires rethinking internet accessibility and privacy.

Digital Literacy

or how to empower communities through cultivating important skills for the 21st Century.

Global Goals

The academic research and collaborative efforts we lead are nothing if not for the greater good, as we must not only work towards a healthier digital world, but a more equitable planet. All of the Media Ethics Lab’s efforts to better understand and improve digital realms such as digital cities, equity and literacy are done in support of the UN’s sustainable development goals.