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Led by Prof. Paolo Granata, the Media Ethics Lab aims to foster the making of an intellectual community that serves as a source of knowledgeable energy and encouragement for future research connections in the field of Media Ethics. It also aims to sustain a scholarly network, providing both an intellectual and social space in which to engage with issues of media and communication studies relevant to contemporary social realities and digital culture. By reaching out to theorists, experimentalists, technologists, students, and the broader public, the Media Ethics Lab actively explores and stimulates the value of ethical thinking for research, learning, and civic engagement.

Paolo Granata


Paolo Granata is an educator, an innovator, and a cross-disciplinary media scholar. Nurtured by the centuries-old tradition of his Alma Mater – the University of Bologna – his research and teaching interests lie broadly in the area of media ecology, media ethics, semiotics, print culture, and visual studies. Over the last 20 years of his academic career in research, teaching, and public engagement, Professor Granata has held positions at the University of Bologna, the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and Turin, and most recently at the University of Toronto.
Serving since 2018 as a board member of the Executive Committee at the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, his advocacy efforts are focused on digital equity and digital sustainability, to explore the potential that information and communication technologies hold for enacting positive social change.

PostDoc (2023-present)

Dr. Matthew Da Mota

Digital Policy Hub Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation

Research Associates (2020-present)

Prof. Dr. Elena Lamberti

Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna

Prof. Dr. Davide Bennato

Università degli Studi di Catania

Student Researchers (since 2021)

Robyn Jane Carino, Charlotte Chellew, Esther Choi, Chenyu Cui, Maria-Christina Dones, Yiwen Gu, Conall Helverson, Rowena Hu, Ivy Yik Fei Koo, Shao Wen Lin, Bihan Lu, SiJia Lu, Isabella Mckay, Jiayi Mu, Xin Shen, Jonathan Smail, Vicki So, Simeng Sun, Xinyi Sun, Mizuka Tang, Mikayla Teofilo, Bogdana Torbina, An-Chi Tung, Kailin Wang, Sarah Williams, Xinyi Wu, Xinyuan Yi, Yiruo Zhang, Zhaorong Zhang, Jingyi Zhao, Yuhan Zhao, Shengfu Zhu.

Research Assistants (2019-2023)

Andrey Miroshnichenko

York University

Steve Hicks

University of Toronto

Kelsey Mcgillis

University of Toronto, Book and Media Studies Program

Alexandra Katz

University of Toronto, Book and Media Studies Program

David Lee

University of Toronto, Book and Media Studies Program

Affiliate Researchers (2019-2020)

Simon Digby

Quest University