Abstract SUBMISSION CLOSED on January 15, 2019

General areas of interest related to this year’s theme include, but are not limited to, the following topics:
– Artificial intelligence and machine learning
– Internet of things
– Robotics and automation
– Bioengineering
– Virtual/augmented reality
– Data ethics, privacy, surveillance, cyber security, and data protection
– Big data and cloud computing
– Social media algorithms
– Internet policy
– Misinformation on social media
– Propaganda, censorship, and free speech
– Net Neutrality, openness, and digital inclusion
– Media integrity in journalism, advertising, public relations
– Digital citizenship, social and political engagement
– Entertainment media, digital and media arts
– Digital literacy and media pedagogy
– Civil discourse, human dignity, diversity, and individual expression in the media ecosystem
– Wellbeing sustainability and prosperity in the media environment
– Innovative interpretations and new ethical perspectives emanating from the Media Ecology intellectual tradition